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Thank You Miriam

Groups Urge President Duterte to Wage War on Waste and Pollution

Environmental and Labor Activists Write to PM Trudeau to Push for the Re-Export of Illegal Canadian Trash

Environmental Scientist Points Out PH Lack of Capability to Test for Dioxins from Waste Incinerators

“Teflon Chemical” (PFOA) Warrants Global Action (UN Expert Committee also recommends global action on 3 other hazardous chemicals)

DENR Sec. Lopez Urged Not to Open Floodgates for Technologies that Burn Discards

Environmental Experts Shoot Down "Waste-to-Energy" Incineration

Toxics Watch Group Urges Cebu City Police Not to Smash Video Karera TVs

Civil Society Groups Step Up Information Drive vs. "Waste-to-Energy" Incineration

PH Groups Back Global Movement to “Break Free from Plastic”

EcoWaste Coalition Pitches for Legal Limits on Hazardous Substances in Jewelry

Complainants Laud Manila Court Order to Send Garbage Back to Canada (Judge Tita Bughao Alisuag Says: PH Not a ‘Trash Bin’)

GREEN ADVOCATES REMIND PRESIDENT DUTERTE OF ENVIRONMENTAL TO-DO LIST (Widest Network of Environmental Advocates urge Duterte advocates to deliver on green commitments)