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Labor Groups Join Outcry against Canadian Garbage (“Canada should take back their garbage and stop exporting pollution”)

Filipino Protesters Troop to Canadian Embassy to Demand Re-Export of Illegal Garbage Shipments (Canada Urged to Comply with Its Obligations Under the Basel Convention)

QC Barangay pre-celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work with E-Waste Collection

More Groups Press Trudeau to Act on Duterte’s Challenge to Take Back Canadian Garbage

Environmental Groups Praise “Zero Waste Church” Initiative in Cavite Province

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Prime Minister Trudeau to Act Fast on President Duterte’s Ultimatum vs Overstaying Canadian Garbage in the Philippines

Earth Day Plea: Wanted: Environmental Rights Champions at the National and Local Levels

EcoWaste Coalition Laments the “Traditional” Littering in Popular Lenten Pilgrimage Sites

New Legal Opinion Finds Canada Violated International Law in Philippine Waste Dumping Case (Groups appeal to Canada to provide a clear and definite date by which it will repatriate its garbage)

EcoWaste Coalition Appeals to Midterm Poll Candidates Not to Flood Pilgrimage Trail with Campaign Posters (Group urges politicians and parties not to politicize Holy Week religious rites)

EcoWaste Coalition: Don't Throw Rubbish Out of Your Car Window! (Group cites German cyclist for chasing passenger who tossed garbage out of van)