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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Government to Also Regulate Non-Medical Disposable Face Masks

EcoWaste Coalition Raises Concerns over the Proliferation of Unnotified Protective Face Masks

EcoWaste Coalition Presses Government to Enforce Proper Disposal of Used Face Masks as Part of Protocols to Cut Spread of COVID-19 and to Protect the Environment ("Fish and other marine animals do not wear face masks so please dispose of your used masks with utmost care." - EcoWaste Coalition)

EcoWaste Coalition Warns Against Dumping of Toxic Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) from Old TV Sets

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes for Safe Treatment of Mercury-Containing Wastes

EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes DENR-EMB’s Online System to Monitor LGU Compliance to RA 9003

DILG Urged to Direct LGUs to Ensure Proper Disposal of Face Masks and Other PPE

EcoWaste Coalition Offers Practical Tips to Ensure “Timeout” Sought by Healthcare Frontliners Will Not to Go to Waste

Re-Exportation of Last Batch of 80 Containers of South Korean Garbage Re-Ignites Call to Ban All Waste Imports

EcoWaste Coalition Cites BOC’s Resolve to Complete Re-Export Illegal Garbage Imports to South Korea amid COVID-19 Pandemic

EcoWaste Coalition Pitches for Reusable Face Masks to Lessen COVID-19 Plastic Waste