Vision, Mission, Goal


A zero waste and toxics-free society where communities enjoy a safe and healthy environment


As a coalition, we shall collaborate with communities to advance simple, local and holistic approaches and solutions to address waste, chemical pollution and climate change


  • Develop and uphold policies, programs and projects that advance zero waste, clean production and environmental justice and challenge those that undermine genuine solutions
  • Promote and demonstrate good practice models and solutions for safer and healthier communities
  • Strengthen and nurture EcoWaste Coalition as a collaborative network of communities, advocates, government, businesses and individuals, and support the broader environmental movement

Key Priority Areas (3 years)

  1. Safe and secured jobs for waste workers
  2. Closure and rehabilitation of contaminated sites pushed and supported by EWC and partners
  3. Ecological, low carbon and non-toxic lifestyles mainstreamed among members and partner communities
  4. Environmentally sound management of solid, toxic and hazardous wastes implemented by generators and regulators
  5. Policies on sound management of priority chemicals throughout their life cycles put in place and major environmental policy gains safeguarded
  6. Organizational (membership, governance, human resource, fundraising), operational and financial policies and procedures further elaborated and strengthened.