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EcoWaste Coalition Pushes for Concerted Action to Ensure Consumer Protection against Unsafe Goods ahead of the Christmas Shopping Spree

Typhoon Ondoy’s 10th Anniversary: Groups Urge All LGUs to Re-Commit to Building Disaster-Resilient and Healthy Communities

Zero Waste Group Seeks a Stop to Open Defecation as Polio Re-Emerges in PH

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes for Mercury Content and Hazard Labeling of Fluorescent Lamps

Green Groups Urge the Government to Adopt Two Policy Measures to Protect PH from Becoming a Global Dumpsite (Groups vow to keep up the pressure against dumping of foreign wastes in PH)

Pig Raisers Urged to Ensure Safe Disposal of Dead Animals

Consumers Seeking Lighter Skin Tone Reminded Not to Take a Chance on Mercury-Tainted Products (EcoWaste Coalition urges consumers to discontinue use of mercury-laden skin whitening cosmetics as Californian woman fell into coma due to mercury poisoning)

Davao City Retailers Continue to Peddle Toxic Cosmetics with Lead and Mercury (Groups Push for Tougher Sanctions to Stop Sale of Poison Cosmetics)

Photos: Toxic Cosmetics Containing Lead and Mercury Contaminants On Sale in Davao City

Green Groups Push for a Ban on Single-Use Plastics (SUPs) in Davao City and the Rest of the Philippines

Baguio City Council’s Move to Ban Mercury-Laden Skin Whitening Creams Gets Thumbs Up from Toxics Watchdog Group

Groups Seek Justice for Filipina Worker in Taiwan Who Died from Chemical Burns at Electronics Factory

EcoWaste Coalition Bares Toxic K-Pop Accessories

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Vacuum Flasks Coated with Lead Paint