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Tobacco Control and Environmental Advocates Laud DOT’s Initiative for a Smokefree Boracay

Group Cites 13-Year Old QC Ordinance Requiring Segregation of Busted Mercury Lamps from Ordinary Trash

Toxics Watch Group Draws Attention to Lead Solder Fumes from Cell Phone Repair Shops

Group Confirms Sale of Mercury-Contaminated Skin Whiteners in QC (Councilors Right in Pushing for Punitive Action to Stop Illegal Trade Says Group)

EcoWaste Coalition Warns Pregnant Women vs. Toxic Cosmetics Laden with Lead and Mercury

Solidarity Soup for Flood Evacuees in San Mateo, Rizal

Paint Industry Leader Reveals Secrets of PH Success in Phasing Out Lead Paints

Groups Back Stoppage of Quarrying Operations in Rizal, Push for the Protection of the Sierra Madre to Avert Floods and Landslides

Proposed QC Measure Banning Mercury-Laden Skin Whiteners Hurdled Committee Hearing

Trash Thrown Back by Manila Bay: A Retribution for Reckless Disposal

EcoWaste Coalition Backs Closure of Open Dump in Mapandan, Pangasinan

Groups Push for Intensified Government Monitoring of Fake and Toxic Cosmetics

Toxics Watch Group Alerts Consumers vs. Lipsticks with Heavy Metal Impurities (EcoWaste Coalition Seek Consumer, Government and Industry Cooperation to Rid the Market of Toxic Lipsticks)