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EcoWaste Coalition Urges LGUs to Enforce the Ban against Open Burning, a "Silent Killer"

EcoWaste Coalition Slams Sale of "Small but Terribly Dangerous" Skin Whitening Product Banned since November 2013

EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes Filing of Smuggling Complaint vs Importer of Garbage from Canada

EcoWaste Coalition Applauds INC for Litter-Free Charity Walk

Local, Canadian Envi Groups Blast Illegal Waste Importation

FCAP Remembers Roy Alvarez

Maraming Salamat sa mga Luntiang Ala-Ala Roy

Tributes to Roy Alvarez, Actor, Environmentalist, Zero Waste Champion

EcoWaste Coalition Mourns the Demise of Roy Alvarez, Zero Waste Champion

Pre-Valentine Warning: Lipstick Could Spell Trouble for Lovers and the Environment, Too

Banned China-Made Skin Whitening Product with Mercury Sold in Manila (California's Health Alert Prompted Toxics Watchdog to Conduct Fresh Market Surveillance for Banned Jiaoli Miraculous Cream)

EcoWaste Coalition Detects Lead in Some Disposable and Reusable Bags

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Lead in Painted Turumpo (Boys Cautioned on Toxic Turumpo)