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Earth Hour Plea: Ban Single-Use Plastics

EcoWaste Coalition Begs Poll Bets to Prevent Campaign Trash, Stand Up for the Environment ("Keep campaign meetings and sorties litter-free, plastic-free and smoke-free")

EcoWaste Coalition: Don't Give Lead-Painted Medals to Student Achievers

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes for Plastic-Free Election Campaign in QC (Waste and Pollution Watch Group Seeks Candidates’ Compliance to QC Ban on Polyethylene Plastic Campaign Materials)

Toxics Watch Group Bats for Methylene Chloride-Free Paint Removers for Workers' Safety (EcoWaste Coalition Cites US Ban on Deadly Paint Strippers with Methylene Chloride)

Wanted: Clean Water Champions (Candidates for Midterm Elections Urged to Weigh In On the Protection of Water Sources from Waste and Pollution)

EcoWaste Coalition Calls Out Health Authorities for Long-Overdue Ban on Bisphenol A in Baby Feeding Ware (Draft DOH Administrative Order Banning Bisphenol A in Baby Feeding Bottles and Sippy Cups Pending Since 2013)

EcoWaste Coalition Exposes Rampant Sale of Mercury-Contaminated Skin Care Products from Pakistan banned by FDA

EcoWaste Coalition to Water Regulators and Water Companies: “Water is a consumer and human right”

Water Shortage Is Also Causing Increased Use of Disposables, More Garbage

EcoWaste Coalition Pitches for Water Conservation as Water Level in La Mesa Dam Continues to Drop

Mercury in Cosmetics: A Serious Threat to Women and Babies, Too (Aspiring lawmakers urged to craft special law on adulterated and counterfeit cosmetics)

Public Reminded to Observe Ban on Open Burning as the Nation Marks the Fire Prevention Month