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Three Presidential Bets to Help Informal Waste Workers Rise from Poverty

Watchdog Gives Thumbs Up to Grace and Miriam for Upholding Incineration Ban, Scores Mar’s Pro-Incineration Stance

Green Groups Woo Voters to Back Pro-Environment Poll Bets

Presidential Candidates Vow to Enforce Waste Law (Grace Poe to chair first meeting of the National Solid Waste Management Commission in first 100 days of her presidency)

Presidential Candidates Weigh In On Canadian Garbage Dumping Controversy

Watchdog Welcomes New FDA Advisory Reiterating Ban on Five Cosmetic Preservatives

DOE, PLIA Urged to Back PH Ratification of Mercury Pact

Archdiocese of Manila Urged to Go for Lead-Free Paints

EcoWaste Coalition Finds More Cosmetics with Banned Preservative

Precautionary Approach Critical on Waste Containing Nanomaterials

Watchdog Pushes for Lead-Safe Schools as Phase-Out of Leaded Architectural Paints Looms