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Laboratory Analysis Detects Dangerous Levels of Lead in Some School Supplies

Green Groups Say Visit of Pope Francis Should be Waste-Free, Include Informal Recyclers

Back-to-School Project Promotes Lead-Safe, Non-Toxic Zippers for School Uniforms

Environmentalists and Teachers Push for Eco-Friendly Brigada Eskwela

Baclaran Street Vendors Found Selling Toxic Water Colors

"Waste-Free, Toxic-Free" Brigada Eskwela in Payatas School Draws Throng of Supporters

Groups Assail Tobacco Advertising in Makati Barangay Fiesta

Groups Promote Lead Safe Work Practices as Brigada Eskwela Commences

Divisoria Vendors Urged Not to Sell Lead-Tainted Water Colors (Group Launches "Waste-Free, Toxic-Free Back-to-School" Campaign)

US-Based Filipino Scientist Proposes Biomonitoring of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in Pregnant Women