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Group Backs Neutral, As Well as Lead-Safe, Desks for Students

Toxics Watchdog Chides Online Sellers of Banned Mercury-Laden Skin Whitening Creams

Group Hopes PRRD’s Latest Foreign Trash Rant Will Turn Into a Strong Policy Banning Waste Importation

Ban Single-Use Plastics! – groups demand

EcoWaste Coalition Warns Against Lead-Laden Light Up Toy Swords

EcoWaste Coalition Bats for Refiling of Senate Bill Banning Bisphenol A in Baby Food Packaging, Containers and Other Child Articles

Groups Laud Ban on Toxic Bisphenol A (BPA) in Baby Feeding Bottles and Sippy Cups

EcoWaste Coalitions Urges Government to Leave No Stone Unturned in Verde Soko Fire Investigation

Some “UK” Toys Pose Choking and Chemical Hazards – EcoWaste Coalition (EcoWaste Coalition Reminds Consumers to Take Safety Precautions When Buying Second Hand Toys in Ukay-Ukay Shops)

Groups Push for Effective Enforcement of RA 9003 and Corporate Accountability to Tackle MM’s Burgeoning Garbage Woes

EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes Re-Export of Stranded South Korean Wastes in Mindanao This September

Puerto Princesa barangays blame plastics for garbage woes

Toy Labels Fall Far Short of RA 10620's Requirements (EcoWaste Coalition Finds Toys Inadequately Labeled, Pushes for Effective Enforcement of RA 10620 and Its IRR)

Zero Waste Groups Back Paperless Congress

EcoWaste Coalition Writes to Pres. Moon Jae-in to Demand Re-Export of 5,177 Tons of Illegal Waste Exports from South Korea (Environmental Health and Justice Group Urges South Korea to Remove Their Remaining Wastes in Mindanao)