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EcoWaste Coalition Holds "Iwas Paputoxic" Community Outreach for Zero Injury, Zero Fire and Zero Waste

Doctors, Environmentalists Appeal to Public to Nix Firecrackers and Fireworks

Environmental Watchdog Assails the Christmas Day Littering at Rizal Park

Shun Firecrackers; Groups Plea for Compassion to Animals as New Year’s Revelry Nears

Watchdog Group Appeals to the Faithful to Reduce Christmas Garbage

Holiday Food Warning: Lead-Painted Brushes Not Suitable for Rubbing Basting Sauce on BBQ and Grilled Meat

Government, Industry and Civil Society Affirm Unity to Ensure Phase-Out of Lead in Architectural, Decorative and Household Paints by December 2016

Public Exhorted to Play Santa Claus to Mother Earth

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong Leads EcoWaste Coalition's 9th “Iwas-Paputoxic” Drive vs Dangerous and Toxic Firecrackers

Watchdog Tags Piccolo as “Children’s Enemy No. 1,” Urges Concerted Action to Protect Kids from Harm (“Santa” Offers Guide for Safe, Non-Toxic New Year’s Revelry)

2016 Election Candidates Urged to Champion People's Right to Chemical Safety

EcoWaste Coalition Says "Recyclepamore" This Christmas Season

Group Lauds Government’s Action to Phase Out of Lead-Containing Paints for Children’s Health