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EcoWaste Coalition Alerts QC Government on Health Risks from Lead in Fitness and Play Equipment at QMC

EcoWaste Coalition Sounds the Alarm over Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals that can Cause Reproductive Disorders

Health Advocates Conduct "On-the-Spot" Test of Cosmetics for Mercury, Detected Mercury in 9 out of 12 Samples up to 31,400 ppm, Caution Consumers from Buying Poison Products

"Boy Bayong" - the Eco-Warrior

"Boy Bayong" Returns in time for Earth Day 2012

NPDC Lauded for Giving Jobs to Street Dwellers, Other Government Agencies Urged to Follow Suit

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes Pre-Earth Day "Kuryentipid" Tips in the Face of Power Shortage

EcoWaste Coalition Seeks Regulatory Action vs. Cigarette Butt Waste

EcoWaste Coalition Mourns Massive Breach of RA 9003 at Antipolo Penitential Walk (Hails Informal Recyclers for Cutting Waste Volume Sent for Disposal)

Toxics Watchdog Thumbs Up Makati's Lenten "Kubol" (19 out of 22 "kubol" meet US regulatory limit for lead in paint

EcoWaste Coalition Appeals to Antipolo Pilgrims Not to Litter

Chemical Accident Prevention and Preparedness Policy Pushed Following Pasig City Ammonia Gas Leak

Catholic Bishop Calls for "Walang Aksaya" Holy Week