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New Year Revellers Cautioned against Air Pollution from Firecrackers and Fireworks

"Dogs" and "Cats" Rally vs Firecrackers and Fireworks, Lament "Acoustical Torture"

Global Study Detects Harmful Chemicals in Bedroom Dust that can Harm Human Health

Malate Kids March for Safe New Year's Eve Festivities

"Money is not for burning, send it south to help Sendong survivors"

EcoWaste Coalition Raises Concern over Toxic Pollution from Firecrackers and Fireworks

Green Group Calls for Simple Christmas Celebration as Sendong Survivors Grieve, Pushes Cancellation of Firework Shows

EcoWaste Coalition Calls for "Simpleng Pasko" as Sendong Flashflood Deaths Soar

Cancellation of Firework Shows Pushed as Sendong Disaster Death Toll Rises

Beware of Chemical Toxins in Glasses, Mugs and Plates

Christmas Plea: Recycle, It's Not Waste Until It's Wasted

Group Launches "Iwas PapuToxic" for Reduced Pollution and Injury, Proposes "Barangay Tsibugan Kapalit ng Putukan"

Toxics Watchdog Asks Authorities to Halt Sale of "Dirty" Counterfeits

Toxic Watchdog Finds Loads of Ugly Chemicals in Beauty Products

Tondo Ban against Hazardous Recycling of Busted Lamps Takes Effect Today

EcoGroups Warns Cebu LGUs on the Hazards of “Waste-to-Energy” Burn Facilities