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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Aspiring Barangay and Youth Leaders to Campaign “Clean and Green” and Avoid "Major, Major" Environmental Lapses

Green advocates push for a strong law to put an end to plastic pollution

Green Groups Back Proposal to Proclaim September 26 as “Save Sierra Madre Day”

Green Groups Ask DENR Secretary to Enforce His No Landfill Commitment

Groups renew drive vs plastic bags as Ondoy’s first anniversary looms

Davao groups invoke the precautionary principle to thwart toxic menace

Visiting climate campaigner cautions against investments in “hi-tech” disposal technologies

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Government to Act against Cancer-Causing Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry

Government Urged to Test Toys for Dangerous Chemicals with the Onset of “Ber’ Months

Church and Environmental Leaders Push for Ban on Cyanide-Laced Silver Cleaners to Save Lives

Group Uncovers Illegal Sale of Banned Mercury-Tainted Cosmetics in Baclaran

EcoWaste Coalition Advises Candidates to Stick to No Frills, Garbage-Free Campaign