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Environmentalists campaign for 'waste-free, toxic-free' Undas at Manila North Cemetery

Environmental groups call for open and exhaustive probe on toxic pollution in Cavite

Prelate and environmentalists jointly plea for greener Undas

EcoWaste Coalition Promotes Environmentally-Sound Management of Mercury Lamp Wastes

Government Urged to Remove Endosulfan Out of the Country Now

EcoGroups Condemn Continuous Waste Dumping in Marikina-San Mateo River

Environmental activists take action against dumping of flood wastes and debris into Nangka River

Green Groups Campaign for Zero Waste Solutions to Lessen Ravages of Climate Change

EcoWaste Coalition Launches Toxic Awareness and Alertness Day to Prevent Chemical Disaster and Pollution

Green Groups Deplore Dumping of Disaster Waste in Nangka River

EcoWaste Coalition Makes Clarion Call for Post-Disaster Debris and Waste Management

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes Community “Bayanihan” to Clear Streets of Storm Debris and Trash

EcoWaste Coalition Pleads for Government Help to Improve Sanitation in Evacuation Centers