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EcoWaste Coalition Backs Quezon Service Cross for Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Groups Ask Mayor Osmeña to Abandon Garbage Incineration Plan

Cebu’s Incinerator Plan Draws Flak from Informal Waste Workers

Groups Appeal: Davao City Should Junk Waste Incineration, Take On the Zero Waste Solution

Davao City’s Informal Waste Workers Seek Safe and Secure Jobs

Groups Raise the Alarm over Continued Sale of Dangerous Skin Whitening Creams Laced with Mercury (Government Urged to Go After Importers, Distributors and Retailers of Toxic Cosmetics)

Stop the Killing... of the Oceans: Help Put a Stop to Plastic Pollution

Groups Push for Toy Safety with the Start of the ‘Ber’ Months

Group Tells Parents and Kids to Steer Clear of Lead-Laced Art Materials

EcoWaste Coalition Slams Illegal Sale of Misbranded and Hazardous Toys in the Market (Health and Safety Advocacy Group Urges Government to Crack Down on Dangerous Toys)

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Imported Kiddie Furniture Coated with Lead Paint, Urges Government to Seize Dangerous Products to Avoid Children’s Exposure to Lead

Group Laments Five-Year Delay in the Enforcement of Manila’s Plastic Bag Ordinance