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Sale of Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Cosmetics Continues Unabated in Region IV-A Despite Ban (EcoWaste Coalition Finds Banned Mercury-Laden Skin Whitening Creams on Sale in 9 Cities in CALABARZON)

EcoWaste Coalition Reminds Poll Bets to Follow QC Ordinance Banning Plastic Propaganda Materials

Group Calls Out DoE for Unused Lamp Waste Management Facility that Risks Becoming A White Elephant

EcoWaste Coalition Urges FDA to Test Fragrance Products Sold By Sidewalk Vendors for Harmful Chemicals (“The fragrance you are wearing could be making you and others around you sick.”)

Watch Out for Kissable but Poisonous Lips (EcoWaste Coalition’s Latest Market Investigation Nets 61 Toxic Lipsticks)

Groups Press PM Trudeau to Take Back Stranded Canadian Garbage in the Philippines (Canadian and International NGOs Back EcoWaste Coalition’s Latest Push for PM Justin Trudeau to Resolve Canada’s Illegal Waste Dumping Controversy)

Poll Candidates Dared to Roll Out an Eco-Friendly Campaign (EcoWaste Coalition to Candidates: Green Your Campaign Please)

EcoWaste Coalition Raises the Alarm Over Toxic Cadmium in Plastic Tarpaulins (Group urges poll candidates to avoid excessive use of plastic tarpaulins to control cadmium pollution)

Luck Seekers Warned against Lucky Charms and Amulets Laden with Toxic Cadmium and Lead

Group Cheers the Arrival in South Korea of First Batch of Returned Illegal Garbage Shipments (EcoWaste Coalition Presses South Korea to Hasten Re-Export of Remaining 5,100 Tons of Dumped Garbage)

Chinese New Year Warning: Watch Out for Toxic Piggy Banks and Decors