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Baguio City Ramps Up Advocacy for Safe E-Waste Management

Following FDA’s Latest Advisory, EcoWaste Coalition Warns Consumers Anew against Goree Beauty Cream with Mercury

EcoWaste Coalition Bares Illegal Sale of Uncertified Christmas Lights

EcoWaste Coalition: Keep Children Safe from Button Cell Batteries

EcoWaste Coalition Warns against Leaded Paints with No Pb Symbol

EcoWaste Coalition Applauds Imus City Government for Taking Action vs. Dangerous Cosmetics with Mercury

Warning Out on Newly-Discovered Aerosol Paints with Extremely High Lead Content

EcoWaste Coalition Exposes Trade of Mercury-Laden Cosmetics in QC in Violation of City Ordinance No. 2767-2018

EcoWaste Coalition Deplores Online Sale of Banned Paints with Toxic Lead Content

FDA-Banned Cosmetics with Mercury Sold in Marikina City

Mercury Treaty Falls Short on Ending Threats from Toxic Waste and Mercury-Containing Cosmetics

Historic Concert Collects Over 8 Tons of E-Waste