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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Consumers to Pick Toxic-Free Aquatic Toys

Groups Push for ASEAN Ban on Microplastics in Cosmetics to Save the Oceans

Watch Group Lauds Caloocan Barangay for Taking Action vs. Improper E-Waste Recycling

POPs Recycling Taints Plastic Children’s Toys with Toxic Chemicals from E-Waste

Sale of Deadly Cleaning Agents by Sidewalk Vendors Alarms Toxics Watchdog

Group Pushes for Ecological Waste Management for Greener Pilgrimage Next Time (EcoWaste Coalition Scores Pilgrims for Trash Dumping and Burning)

More Photos of Waste Dumping and Burning at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in San Jose del Monte City

EcoWaste Coalition Regrets Pervasive Littering as Pilgrims Perform Penitential Acts in Popular Lenten Sites (“Wasteful penitential acts should die away as we struggle to live amid the changing climate”)

Photos of Littering at the Our Lady of Peace Cathedral, Antipolo City