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Groups Warn: Firecrackers Hurt Cats and Dogs, Too

Barangay and SK Officials Urged to Rid Neighborhoods of Piccolo and Other Illegal Firecrackers

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Shoppers Beware: Christmas-Themed Ceramic Ware Found Laden with Toxic Cadmium and Lead

EcoWaste Coalition Conducts “Iwas Paputoxic” Drive for an Injury-Free, Pollution-Free New Year’s Revelry

EcoWaste Coalition Lauds Passage of HB 6702 on Safe and Non-Hazardous Children's Products

Holiday Reminder: Prevent, Reduce and Safely Manage Your E-Waste

Group Urges Consumers to Shun Toxic Christmas Presents

Groups Give Waste Incineration Bill Thumbs Down

Watch Group Names 10 Haztoys (Hazardous Toys) to Tip Off Consumers on Toys to Avoid this Christmas

EcoWaste Coalition Urges the Public to Cut Down on Holiday Trash (Holitrash) with 3Rs and More