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Groups Slam Sale of Candy Cigarettes for Promoting Smoking in Children

With the Brigada Eskwela in Full Swing: Schools Reminded to Observe Ban on Open Burning

EcoWaste Coalition Pitches for Waste-Free and Lead-Safe Brigada Eskwela

EcoWaste Coalition Tells Schools to Watch Out for Banned Leaded Paints (Group Seeks Full Compliance to Mandatory Use of Lead-Safe Paints in Brigada Eskwela)

Watch Group Calls for Removal of Toxic School Supplies from the Market (Group says: Cadmium and lead do not belong in school supplies; keep them off your back-to-school buying list)

Schools Urged to Emphasize Lead Safety in Brigada Eskwela (Group Seeks Full Compliance to DepEd Orders on Mandatory Use of Lead-Safe Paints)

Group Pushes for Product Safety Monitoring of School Supplies

EcoWaste Coalition Promotes Creative and Safe Recycling of Poll Campaign Materials

EcoWaste Coalition Scores Littering, Smoking at Barangay and SK Polling Places

Barangay, SK Poll Candidates Urged to Shift to Clean-Up Mode with the Conclusion of Nine-Day Campaign Period (Group Challenged Candidates to Dedicate May 15 for Post-Election Ecological Cleanup and Recycling Activities)

FDA Urged to Ban Plastic Balloon Blowing Toys Containing Benzene and Other Harmful Chemicals

Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Delegates Make a Pitch for Waste-Less Polls

Barangay and SK Candidates Urged to Stay Away from Guns, Goons, Gold… and Garbage (Group Urges Candidates to Reject Bad "Gs" of Politics)