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Bishop, environmentalists urge La Loma Cemetery visitors to get rid of "Zombasura" habits

EcoWaste Coalition appeals to major retailers to make their reusable bags more affordable to consumers

Groups campaign for waste reduction in cemeteries, urge the public not to become "Zombasura"

EcoWaste Coalition's Tips for Garbage-Free Undas

Let the cleanup begin!

EcoWaste Coalition Calls for Post-Election Community Cleanup

Voters urged to pick pro-environment Barangay and SK bets

EcoWaste Coalition Asks Candidates to Show Mercy to Helpless Trees


Greens Appeal to Barangay and Youth Candidates to Care for Mother Earth

EcoWaste Coalition Calls on the Public Not to Trash the Cemeteries

Climate Defenders Flaunt the Handy “Bayong” to Fight Global Warming as Local Market Sets “No Plastic Bag Day”

Groups Ask: What is keeping the government from shipping out endosulfan?

EcoWaste Coalition Proposes "Safe Cosmetics Summit" as RP Marks the Consumer Welfare Month