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EcoWaste Coalition: Refrain from Lighting Toxic Candles that Pose Lead Poisoning Risk

EcoWaste Coalition Calls for Immediate Removal of Lead Painted Garden Tools from Store Shelves (Laboratory tests confirm dangerous levels of lead in painted garden tools imported from Brazil)

Experts Seek Protection of Children’s Brains from Lead and Other Toxins

Philippines: 15 Brands Pass Lead Safe Paint® Certification

Philippines Beats 2020 Phase-Out Deadline for Lead-Containing Paints

Waste trade persists because gov’t not doing enough to stop it: Green groups

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Stainless Steel Water Bottles Coated with Lead Paint that Can Harm Children’s Health

Groups Nudge Government to Forbid E-Waste Imports Following Thai Ban

Toxics Watchdog Group Bares Online Sale of Liquid Mercury and Mercury-Added Products

Groups Back Call for Transparency on Toxic Chemicals in All Plastic Materials to Protect Human Health and the Environment from "Substances of Concern"

Environmental Health and Justice Groups Laud Removal of 7,408 Metric Tons of South Korean Garbage from Misamis Oriental (Protecting the Philippines from illegal waste traffic knows no pandemic, assert groups)

EcoWaste Coalition Tells Plantitas/Plantitos: Steer Clear of Lead-Painted Gardening Tools