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Environmental Activists Call Out Canada’s Failure to Reclaim Stinking Trash, Ask PM Trudeau to Re-Import “Overstaying” Garbage

Watchdog Prods Students and Teachers to Avoid Products Laced with Toxic Chemicals

Groups Spread Information to Protect the Elderly from Accidental Overdoses due to Medications

Groups Push for Poison-Proofing Homes and Schools to Prevent Poisoning Emergencies

Watchdog Tells Men to Take It Easy on Fragranced Cosmetics

EcoWaste Coalition Makes a Pitch for Healthy “Baon” to Combat Obesity among Children

Watch Group Cautions School Kids from Buying Hazardous Playthings

“Palit-Zipper” Drive Held to Reduce Children’s Exposure to Toxic Lead

EcoWaste Coalition Warns against Toxic Lead in Some Zippers Used for School Bags and Uniforms

Watchdog Finds Unregistered “Made in China” Aerosol Insecticides and Rat Glue Traps in Divisoria and Quiapo

Watchdog Urges Paint Companies to Go Lead-Free after Repainting School Armchairs Coated with Highly Leaded Paints

LGUs Urged to Assist Schools in Managing Mercury-Containing Lamp Waste