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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Full Inventory of Mercury-Added Products Targeted for Global Phase-Out

Watchdog Finds Toxic Metals in Toys Bought in Manila, Urges Consumers to Insist on Safe Toys

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September 13 Protestors Urged to Repeat Eco-Friendly August 26 Luneta Rally

Barangay and SK Electoral Candidates Urged to Campaign Clean

Watchdog Welcomes Reduced Lead Levels of QMC's Play and Work-Out Equipment

EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes Signing of Toy and Game Safety Labeling Act of 2013

China-Made 'Shrilling Chicken" Toy: Sold in the Philippines, Banned in Sweden (Watchdog Warns vs. "Shrilling Chicken" Toy Laced with Toxic Chemicals)

EcoWaste Coalition Bares Unbridled Sale of Banned Insect Killers in Metro Cities

Waste Pickers Unite for Rights, Bewail Massive Corruption in Government