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Banning Waste Imports Urged to Protect PH from Becoming a Garbage Bin for Other countries (Groups pursue ban on waste trade as the first anniversary of the re-exportation of Canadian garbage dumped in the Philippines on May 31 nears)

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EcoWaste Coalition Emphasizes Proper Waste Segregation as Business Establishments Re-Open

Groups Commend Phase-Out of Mercury-Containing Dental Fillings in the Philippines (Newly-issued DOH policy banning dental amalgam draws cheers amid the coronavirus crisis)

Groups Urge LGUs to Gear Up for Post-COVID Anti-Tobacco Programs

Establishments Urged to Dismantle Booths for Spraying Individuals with Chemical Disinfectants

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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Government and Industry to Keep Toxic Chemicals from E-Waste Plastic Recycling Out of Toys