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Toxics Watchdog Urges Manila LGU to Take Action against Street Sale of Poisonous Substances

BOC, EMB Pushed to Reveal Content of Unclaimed Garbage Shipments from Canada

Groups Vow to Keep Pressure on PH and Canadian Governments on Second Anniversary of Illegal Garbage Shipments

Zero waste group lauds Sen. Legarda’s firm stance against incineration

Protect Kids from Household Toxics, EcoWaste Coalition Tells

EcoWaste Coalition Backs National Campaign for Poison Prevention

EcoWaste Coalition Bats for Stronger Action to Combat Illegal Garbage Trade

Pope Francis hailed for blasting “throw-away culture” and for pushing “circular model of production” where “nothing is wasted”

EcoWaste Coalition Raises the Alarm Over the Dumping of Smuggled Household Insecticides with Cypermethrin