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Kerosene is Top Poison for Pinoy Kids (Public Advised Not to Put Kerosene in Beverage Containers)

Parents Advised to Use Bleach with Care to Prevent Children's Poisoning

EcoWaste Coalition Asks Government to Exterminate "Shrilling Chicken" Toy

DA Asked to Test Rice for Toxic Arsenic

EcoWaste Coalition Warns Families against Danger from Small Button Batteries

EcoWaste Coalition Thrilled to Find Lead Safe Wooden Toys in Manila Stores (25 of 25 Samples Contain No Toxic Lead)

Toxics Watchdog Urges Consumers to be Wary of False Advertising Claims, Slams Sale of "Dirty Dozen" Mercury-Laden Skin Whitening Cosmetics

Skin Whitening Creams Banned in CA sold in PH (California Department of Health Issues Tagalog Fact Sheet to Warn Consumers against Mercury-Laden Skin Lightening Crems)

"Repair, Reuse, Recycle" Post-Glenda Disaster Debris - EcoWaste Coalition

Pinoy Drinkers Warned against Toxic Lead in Shot Glasses

Outrageous Levels of Lead and Other Toxic Metals Found in Drinking Glasses

EcoWaste Coalition Questions Use of Lead Paint on Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups