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Groups Pledge Support for Cleaner Air

Consumers Cautioned vs Use of Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Cream (Case of Pinay Domestic Helper in Hong Kong: A Wakeup Call)

EcoWaste Coalition Reveals Latest Findings from Its Toxics-Free Summer Campaign: Lead-Laden Souvenir Key Chains

St. John Paul II's Statues Laden with Lead (EcoWaste Coalition: It's Time to "Detox" Religious Statues, Use Lead-Safe Paint)

Water Colors Found Laden With Lead (EcoWaste Coalition Urges Parents to Pick Non-Toxic Materials for Kiddie Summer Art Classes and Workshops)

More Photos: The Trashing of the 2014 Lenten Alay-Lakad to Antipolo City, 17-18 April 2014

EcoWaste Laments the Trashing of Streets as an Unholy Act of Penance (Group Commends Street Sweepers and Waste Recyclers for Picking Up after the Pilgrims)

Litter-Free, Smoke-Free Lenten Alay-Lakad Urged (Faithful Urged to Heed Pope Francis: "Counter the Culture of Waste and Disposable")

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Toxic Lead in Some Religious Statues