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EcoWaste Coalition Calls on COMELEC and Barangay and SK Candidates to Aim for Cleaner and Greener Polls

Some Talcum Powder Products Lack Required Warning Label (Groups Seek Asbestos-Free Labeling for Talcum Powder Products)

Group Cautions Parents and Kids against Toy “Magnetic Putty” with High Arsenic and Lead Content

Toxics Watch Group Lauds Lazada and OLX for Delisting Online Ads for Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Cosmetics

Lead-Free Lucky Dog Figurines Get the Thumbs Up from Toxics Watch Group

Pre-Valentine “Miss Toxic Pretty”Advocacy Pageant Makes a Pitch for Safe Cosmetics (Watch Group Raises Red Flags over Hazardous Cosmetics)

Group Urges Online Shopping Sites to Remove Ads for Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Cosmetics from Pakistan Banned by the FDA

Toxics Watch Group Continues to Bring Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Products Out of the Dark (FDA-Banned Skin Whitening Product with High Mercury Content Claims “No Side-Effects”)

Group Pushes for Active Enforcement of Environmental Ordinances, Replication of Good Practices to Solve Manila's Garbage Woes

EcoWaste Coalition Seeks LGUs’ Use of Lead Safe Paints, Urges DILG to Issue a Directive