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QC Mayor Joy Belmonte, EcoWaste Coalition: Keep Cemeteries Garbage-Free

EcoWaste Coalition: Shun Toxic Candles with Lead-Cored Wicks

Warning Out on Halloween Toys With Recycled Bromine-Containing Plastic (Toxic flame retardant chemicals may be lurking in some Halloween toys)

Environmental Health Groups Pitch for Third-Party Lead Safe Paint® Certification

EcoWaste Coalition: “Untrash Undas. Enforce B.T.S. Policy”

Philippines: 85 Imported Spray Paints Found to Contain Lead Above the Legal Limit (EcoWaste Coalition, IPEN seek stringent enforcement of lead paint law)

EcoWaste Coalition Says: Protect Children's Health, Uphold Lead Paint Ban

Groups Press Marcos Government to Ban Waste Imports, Ratify Basel Convention Ban Amendment

Warning Out on Unauthorized Halloween Make-Up Products

Groups Push for Eco-Friendly Clean-Up of Tombs Ahead of Undas 2022

Warning Out on Halloween Costumes with Dangerous Button Batteries

EcoWaste Coalition Suggests Ways to Keep Halloween Plastic-Free and Waste-Free (Green group offer tips to avoid ‘Hallowcost’ and ‘Hallowaste’)

EcoWaste Coalition Keeps Pressure on Online Trade of Mercury-Adulterated Skin Lightening Cosmetics