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Coastal Cleanup and Waste Audit Held in Olongapo City in Honor of St. Francis of Assisi

Paint with Dangerous Lead Levels Widely Sold in All Developing Regions of the World

Watch Group Pushes Proper Waste Management in Cemeteries for Mosquito Control

Watch Group Welcomes Kiddie Chair Manufacturer's Shift to Lead Safe Paint (Toxic Children's Chairs Now Lead-Free)

Environmental Watch Group Says: “Respect the Cemetery. It’s Not Your Trash Can”

Philippines Marks Impending Phase-Out of Lead-Containing Paints on December 31, 2016 with Zombie Run

Government and Non-Government Organizations to Mark Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Toy Safety Watch Group Cautions Children vs. Hazards in Some Halloween Items

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Public to Watch Out for Baby Wipes Containing Restricted Preservative

EcoWaste Coalition Backs Tougher Regulation to Cut Firecracker-Related Injury, Death and Pollution

Watch Group Pushes for Toxic-Free Mugs without Lead, Cadmium and Other Hazardous Substances