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Waste Pickers Frame Common Agenda, Fight for Right to Socio-legal Recognition

Groups Expose Illegal Sale of Mercury-Laced Cosmetics in Davao City

Davao: Paint Brushes Used as Basting Brushes for BBQ Not Safe Due to Lead Content

Illegal Dumpsite in Pier 18 to be Investigated

Cebu BBQ Vendors Cautioned vs. Use of Lead-Tainted Paint Brushes

Waste Pickers Unite For Rights, Gain Support From Diverse Sectors

Toxic Lead Detected in Cebu Ukulele Souvenirs (Groups Urge Ukulele and Other Souvenir Makers to Switch to Unleaded Paint)

Cebu Vendors Defy Ban on Mercury-Containing Cosmetics (Groups Urge the Authorities to Charge Violators, End Impunity)

Statement: FDA Lauded for Taking Public Health Action vs. Dangerous Cosmetics

Cheap Children's Jewelries Loaded with Toxic Metals, Congress Urged to Act vs Health Threat from Toxic-Laden Children's Products