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Toxics Watchdog Gives QC Council Two Thumbs Up for Passage of Two Environmental and Health Measures

Toxics Watchdog Promotes CHR’s Human Rights Agenda on Chemical Safety

Mayor Erap Urged to Enforce Manila City Ordinance 8178 Banning Cyanide-Containing Silver Jewelry Cleaner

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Some E-Gadget Accessories Toxic

Groups Reach Out to Malacañang to Expedite Ratification of “Basel Ban Amendment”

Local Groups Back Global Alliance to Phase-out Highly Hazardous Pesticides

EcoWaste Coalition Joins Clean Run Led by Running Priest Fr. Robert Reyes for Clean Air, Clean Environment, Clean Politics and Clean Government

Global and Local NGOs Back the Establishment of Global Alliance to Phase-out Highly Hazardous Pesticides at ICCM4

Toxics Watchdog Pushes Tests of E-Cigarettes and Other “Vaping” Products for Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Chinese Drug Stores in QC Found Selling Banned Mercury-Containing Skin Whitening Creams

EcoWaste Coalition Calls for Strict Enforcement of R.A. 9003 and R.A. 9275 to Avert Flooding

Groups Troop to the Senate to Press for Ban on Foreign Waste Dumping, Re-Export of Canada Garbage