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EcoWaste Coalition Urges Mayor-Elect Siao to Rid Iligan City of Mercury-Containing Cosmetics

Civil Society Leaders Present “Green Wish List” for a Healthy Environment and Democracy

Watchdog Group Urges CDO LGU to Clamp Down on Vendors of Banned Facial Creams with Mercury

Beware: Mercury in Skin Lightening Products Can Harm Your Kidneys

Civil Society Groups Find Hazardous Chemicals BPA/BPS in Thermal Paper Receipts

EcoWaste Coalition Commends FDA for Reiterating Ban on Mercury-Added Products Under Its Jurisdiction

From Discrimination to Street Violence: The Realities of Being an Informal Waste Picker

EcoWaste Coalition Bares Continued Sale in Manila of Kidney-Damaging Cosmetics with Mercury

EcoWaste Coalition Hails Global Ban on Highly Toxic Chemical PFHxS

EcoWaste Coalition: Stop Importation of Lead-Containing Paints

Online Shopping Platforms Ordered to Take Down Ads for Mercury-Containing and Other Violative Cosmetics

Eco Group Calls on E-Commerce Companies to Lessen Plastic Waste

Groups Insist on Stricter Limits for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Waste