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Urgent Action Sought to Curb Unsafe Disposal of Mercury-Containing Lamp Waste

"Maging Mapagtanong, Maging Mapanuri at Maging Maingat" (EcoWaste Coalition Reminds Consumers to Take Precaution against Toxic-Laden Lucky Charms

Chinese New Year Lucky Charms and Curios Tested Positive with Toxic Metals

"A litter-free Philippines will be more fun and gratifying to visit" - EcoWaste Coalition

Images: Littered Black Nazarene Feast

Black Nazarene Feast Aftermath: Massive Littering

Green Group Cites Efforts to Clean Up Luneta Immediately After the Black Nazarene Vigil

Vendors Urged to Bring Garbage Sacks to Reduce Litter during the Black Nazarene Feast

Hail to the Black Nazarene Eco-Volunteers

Environmental Group Airs Appeal for Litter-Free Fiesta in Honor of the Black Nazarene

Green Activists Rally in Quiapo to Promote Clean and Safe Fiesta

Statement: EcoWaste Coalition Seeks Total Ban on Firecrackers and Fireworks for Public Health and the Environment

EcoWaste Coalition Bats for Garbage-Free Fiesta as Church Pledges to Remind Devotees Not to Litter

EcoWaste Coalition Laments Garbage-Strewn Streets after Revelry, Urges "Green" New Year's Resolutions