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Toxics Watch Group Cites FDA for Banning Dangerous School Supplies

DoE Put to Task for Unused Mercury Lamp Waste Facility (Group Tells DoE: Don’t Allow $1.37M Mercury Lamp Waste Facility to Turn Into a White Elephant)

Filipinos Tell PM Trudeau Anew: Keep Your Promise, Take Back Your Garbage Now

Environmental Health Groups Vow to Pursue Zero Waste, Stop Incineration (Zero Waste programs could beat the ‘Basura Monster’ that is dirtying and tormenting the nation, groups say)

Green Group Pushes for Ecological Waste Management to Fight Dengue, Save Lives

Some Santo Niño Images Still Decorated with Lead Paint – EcoWaste Coalition

Pandacan and Tondo Folks Urged to Go Easy on Wasteful Plastic Banderitas

Trash Taints "Generally Peaceful" Traslacion (Trash-less Feast of the Black Nazarene Remains an Elusive Dream - Environmental Watch Group)

Not a Trash-less Traslacion: The Trashing of Quiapo