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Government, Non-Government and Corporate Donors Urged to Ensure that Gift School Bags Are Lead-Free

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Brain-Harming Poison in Kiddie Bags

Groups Push for Workers' Protection against Occupational Diseases

NGOs Urge FDA to Impose a Ban on Chemical Bisphenol A (BPA)

EcoWaste Coalition Bats for Stricter Implementation of R.A. 9003 in Light of the Recent Tragedy in a Sanitary Landfill in Rizal

Manila Stores Disobey Ban on Mercury-Laced Cosmetics (Poll Bets Urged to Take Action vs. Illegal Cosmetics Trade)

Watchdog Finds Mercury in Crayons and Pencils, Pushes Stricter Limit for Mercury in Children's Products

EcoWaste Coalition Cautions Food Vendors and Consumers against Lead-Tainted Paint Brushes

EcoWaste Coalition Detects High Levels of Lead on Paint Brushes (Leaded Paint Brushes Not Food-Safe for Basting BBQ)