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EcoWaste Coalition Cautions the Public against Inhaling Toxic Smoke During Fires

EcoWaste Coalition Finds More Unregistered Household Insecticides in the Market, Cautions Public from Using Insect Killers from China with Cypermethrin

Group Alarmed by the Proliferation of Smuggled Cosmetics in Divisoria Quiapo (Watchdog Cautions Consumers on Health and Safety Hazards of Using Unregistered Cosmetics)

Plastic waste generation study ranks PH 3rd: The country should wake up, says EcoWaste Coalition

Anti-Pollution Watchdog Lauds QCCBAI for Not Blasting Firecrackers to Welcome the Lunar New Year

12 Mindanao Mayors Urged to Clamp Down on Illegal Trade of Mercury-Laden Cosmetics

Be Wary of Chinese New Year Lucky Charms with Toxic Chemicals