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EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes Cosmetics Giant's Phase Out Plan for Toxic Chemicals

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Mercury-Tainted Cosmetics in Las Piñas and Muntinlupa

US Study Triggers Fresh Call for PH Ban on Phthalates in Children's Products

Groups Seek Faster Phase Out Period for Leaded Paints

Toxics Watchdog Finds Mercury-Laden Cosmetics in QC Stores

Green Groups Join the Fray, Press Congress to Pass FOI Bill

EcoWaste Coalition Appeals to the People to Heed the President's Warning against Improper Waste Disposal

Green Groups to the Public: "Recover, Reuse, Recycle"

Government Urged to Check Conditions of Dumpsites after Continuous Rains

Toxics Watchdog Slams Unconcealed Sale of Banned Mercury-Tainted Cosmetics in Baclaran (10 of 10 Skin Whitening Creams Loaded with Mercury Poison)

EcoWaste Coalition Alerts City and Barangay Officials about Lead-Tainted Play Equipment in San Andres, Manila

Garbage Surge in Roxas Boulevard Kindles Plea for Ecological Waste Management (EcoWaste Coalition Pushes Full Enforcement of R.A. 9003)

Environmentalists Cite Manila City Council for Early "Christmas Gift" to Mother Nature