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Groups Support “Take Back” Policy for Mercury-Containing Lamp Waste

EcoWaste Coalition welcomes MMDA’s renewed campaign against litterbugs

Cebu waste workers take a break to discuss threats from toxic chemicals

Open Letter to Hon. DENR Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje and Hon. EMB Director Juan Miguel Cuna

Cebu groups back pioneering project to rid RP of PCBs

GREENS HAIL COURT ORDER AS VICTORY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND JUSTICE (Green groups promote precautionary principle to combat toxic threat)

Greens Hail Court Order as Victory for Environmental Health and Justice (groups promote precautionary principle to combat toxic threat)

Chemical Safety Groups Push “Oplan Silver Cleaner” to Finally Stop Cyanide Poisoning

EcoWaste Coalition proposes use of excess rice stocks to also pay for cleanup and declogging operations

Toxic Watchdog: Test buys show disgusting truth about the continued sale of banned mercury-tainted cosmetics

EcoWaste Coalition Urges DOT Chief to Pursue Predecessor's "Zero Tourism Waste" Policy

Groups Laud P-Noy’s Directive Banning Use of His Name and Image on Government Projects (call on all politicos to follow his lead)

Group Calls for Action to Lessen Toxic Exposure of Waste Pickers

More Public Figures Back Campaign for a "Litter-Free Pilipinas"

Prelate Joins Call for "Litter-Free Pilipinas"

EcoWaste Coalition Asks P-Noy to Lead Campaign for "Litter-Free Pilipinas" (calls for tough action vs littering to prevent La Niña flood woes)