EcoWaste Coalition Pays Tribute to Recycling Mothers, Urges Everyone to Care for Mother Earth on Mother’s Day

Philippine Daily Inquirer Editorial Cartoon, 10 May 2015

The EcoWaste Coalition, a garbage and pollution watchdog, today paid homage to all mothers who live out the green mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” as champions for Mother Earth.

Through a press statement coinciding with the celebration of Mother’s Day, the group lauded the immense contributions that recycling mothers make to protect and preserve the environment.

“Mothers who recycle and teach their children to do the same are doing a great service to the environment that we all should be grateful for,” said Aileen Lucero, Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“We thank our mothers for not throwing recyclables to the bin and for the many environmental, health and financial benefits that recycling brings,” she said.

Recycling is beneficial to the public health, the environment and the economy because it:

- Reduces the volume of discards that goes to the waste stream for disposal.
- Prevents toxic releases into the air, soil and water.
- Decreases pressure for more landfill space and reduces environmental damage.
- Saves energy and lessens demand for virgin raw materials.
- Prevents deforestation and reduces the demand for mining and other extractive activities.

“Moreover, recycling is an easy way to stir up children’s love for the environment. It’s an effective technique for teaching environmental and ethical values to kids through learning by doing,” Lucero said.

“It’s a smart way of stretching the household budget and trimming down expenses while saving the environment at the same time,” she said. 

As Mother’s Day is observed, the EcoWaste Coalition also exhorted the public to think about the well-being of Mother Earth amid the changing and warming climate.

To reduce wasteful consumption, the group prodded the public to consider “alternative gifts” such as giving potted in lieu of cut flowers, sharing a special meal at home as a substitute for dining out, or giving handmade cards or gifts instead of buying new ones.

The group also identified other practical ways of showing one's love for Mother Earth such as by not littering or burning trash, by reducing food waste and composting kitchen scraps, by breaking the plastic bag habit, by recycling e-waste safely, by fixing leaky faucets, by switching off lights when not needed and by patronizing public transport.