Watchdog Finds Unregistered “Made in China” Aerosol Insecticides and Rat Glue Traps in Divisoria and Quiapo

A watch group promoting consumer and environmental health warned the public against buying and using household insect killers and sticky rodent traps that have not undergone official safety and efficacy evaluation.

The EcoWaste Coalition echoed the warning made by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) last May 26 after the group found 10 aerosol insecticides and 11 rat glue traps -- unregistered and “made in China” -- that are sold by retailers in Divisoria and Quiapo, Manila.

To support the FDA’s latest move to rid the market of unregistered household pesticides, the group conducted its own market monitoring on June 1 and reported its findings to the FDA on June 2.

“Smuggled ‘made in China’ aerosol insect killers and adhesive rat traps are all over the bargain streets and malls in Quiapo and Divisoria,” observed Thony Dizon, Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition’s Project Protect.

“Consumers are lured into buying these contraband products because of their affordability, attractive packaging and claims of being non-toxic and safe,” he added .

The aerosol insecticides, which are packaged in colorful and tall 750 ml canisters, are sold from P75 to P80 each, while the rat traps are sold from P20 to P40 each.

“Consumers should be cautious in patronizing these products as they have not undergone the required registration with the FDA,” Dizon pointed out. 

FDA Advisory No. 2016-047 warned: “These products have not been evaluated by the FDA to ensure their safety and efficacy.  Such products are harmful, toxic and may pose imminent danger to human and animal health.” 

“Counterfeit products may have less active ingredients than the original version or they may contain low quality or possibly more toxic active ingredients,” the FDA warned.

Through the said advisory, the FDA advised the public not to purchase and use Angel/King Ma and Jin Ma aerosol insecticides; Ba Ma, Bao Ma and Jin Ma mosquito coils; Colarato, Green Leaf and Mouse glue traps; and Happy Dear Pearl naphthalene balls.

“The manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, sale, offer for sale, transportation, promotion and/or advertisement of these products are in direct violation of Republic Act 9711 (the Food and Drugs Administration Act of 2009),” the agency said.

Among the 10 unregistered aerosol insecticides on sale in the market as reported by the EcoWaste Coalition to the FDA include: Bidia, Big BIB Bal,  Boclliai, Brother (lavender), Brother (sampaguita), Mega Dream, Power Boss, Qiangxiao, Tangshi and Txaksi.

Among the 11 unregistered mouse and rat adhesive traps that the group also reported to the FDA are: Edge Leaf, Green Palm Tree Mouse & Rat Glue Snare, Hercules Mouse Glue Board,  Mouse,  Mouseland, Shenlida,   Sugar Mouse, Tomcat (three variants),  and Wawang Sun Universe.

The EcoWaste Coalition urged the FDA to issue another advisory to reiterate and expand the list of banned household and urban pesticides being sold in the market.

To curb the proliferation of such contrabands, the group also suggested to the FDA to conduct law enforcement operations in popular bargain market hubs in coordination with local health and police authorities.