Cemeteries Commended for Adopting Pro-Environment Measures to Protect Trees, Lessen Garbage(Manila Memorial Park Lauded for Disallowing the Nailing of Tarps on Trees, Manila North and South Cemeteries Cited for Doing Away with Wasteful Plastic Buntings)

 Manila Memorial Park
 Manila South Cemetery

Manila North Cemetery
As the Filipino nation prepares to honor the dead, an environmental watchdog cited three major cemeteries in Metro Manila for adopting eco-measures to protect the trees, as well as reduce trash.

The EcoWaste Coalition lauded the Manila Memorial Park (MMP) in Parañaque City for prohibiting the nailing of commercial and public service announcements on trees, an environmental offense that drew the ire of the group last Undas.

The group likewise cited the Manila North and South Cemeteries for doing away with the yearly rite of hanging banderitas made of new single-use plastic bags at the park entrance, a wasteful practice that also spoils the green scenery.

Last year, the group gave the MMP a “Pako Award” to protest the widespread nailing of tarp advertisements from popular beverage and fastfood brands on helpless trees.  

Manila Memorial Park Manager Lamberto Peña told the EcoWaste Coalition yesterday that they have duly notified the concessionaires about the no-nailing policy, saying that “nailing hurts the trees” and stressing that “we need to care for and preserve Mother Nature.”

“Green kudos to the MMP for enforcing such a vital eco-measure that will protect trees from getting damaged and injured,” said Aileen Lucero, Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

Running priest Farther Robert Reyes, who chairs the Save the Trees National Coalition, also welcomed MMP’s no-nailing on trees policy.

“They pierced His hands and feet with nails jeering and laughing as they did.  Whenever we hurt people, we crucify Him once more.  Whenever we drive a nail into trees, don’t we show the same lovelessness and insensitivity as those who crucified and killed Jesus.  Mabuhay ang Manila Memorial Park,” said Father Reyes in a text message sent through the EcoWaste Coalition.

Reacting to the non-use of banderitas, Lucero noted that “Mr. Daniel Tan and Mr. Rafael  Mendez, administrators of the Manila North and South Cemeteries, made the right decision to keep the sky clear of distractive and wasteful buntings.”

“The plastic buntings hide and spoil the splendid green scenery.  Now, cemetery visitors will walk through a lush canopy of trees unblemished by synthetic decors that only add to post-Undas garbage,” she added.

The EcoWaste Coalition expressed hope that all cemeteries will replicate the eco-measures adopted by the MMP and the Manila North and South Cemeteries, and exert efforts to rectify practices that harm and pollute the surroundings.

The group last Tuesday organized an event, in collaboration with the Manila North Cemetery Administration and the Miss Earth Foundation, to encourage the general public to observe the Undas in an eco-friendly manner that is respectful to the dead, as well as to the environment.