Zero Waste Group: Recycle Surplus Palaspas (Palm Fronds)

A waste and pollution watch group has drawn the attention of the public to the avoidable disposal of unsold palm fronds, or palaspas, from yesterday’s celebration of the Palm Sunday.

The EcoWaste Coalition said that the excess palm branches should not be laid to waste and should be recycled or repurposed instead.

The group, which is seeking people’s support for a low carbon and trash-free Holy Week, issued the statement after finding on Sunday night piles of discarded palm fronds in the vicinity of Quiapo Church.

“Seeing palm branches in garbage heaps is not a pretty sight,” said Ochie Tolentino, Zero Waste Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

“These liturgical symbols signifying our acceptance of Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives do not belong to the dump,” she emphasized.

“The joyful observance of His victorious entrance to Jerusalem should not add to the tons of rubbish that we generate 24/7,” she added.

The group also reminded that it took a lot of fossil fuels to transport the palm branches from the provinces to the cities, so the need to ensure that the fronds are not wasted.

Instead of hauling the surplus palaspas to the dump, the EcoWaste Coalition encouraged the public to find alternative uses for the leftovers such as the following:

-  Turn the midribs of coconut palm leaves into brooms.

-  Chop the palm branches into pieces to make a garden mulch.

-  Shred the palm leaves for the compost pile.

-  Weave the fronds into a basket

“Recycling or repurposing the unsold palm branches will certainly help in countering the culture of waste that is causing harm to our environment and climate,’ the EcoWaste Coalition said.