16 January 2014

Lead Safe Paint (Call for Public Comments)

Lead Safe Paint

Call for Public Comments

Paint Screening to Eliminate Added Lead (Paint SEAL) Standard

The Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers (PAPM) and the EcoWaste Coalition propose to jointly launch a certification program to reward companies with recognition for reformulating paint products without added lead and to raise consumer awareness and provide them with a useful tool to make informed choice.  Both organizations have worked together along with other stakeholders to develop a voluntary certification program that is simple, low-cost and accessible to all interested paint companies with the intent of introducing the program in 2014.

The Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recently issued regulations restricting the use of lead in paints to be phased in over the next three to six years.  This voluntary certification program is anticipated to assist in that transition by providing consumers with a uniform paint labeling logo that help promote paints without added lead. With this effort, both the PAPM and the EcoWaste Coalition hope to contribute to the effective implementation of the newly promulgated Chemical Control Order for Lead and Lead Compounds issued by the DENR in December 2013.

This draft standard for paints without added lead was prepared by a multi-stakeholder committee composed of paint industry representatives, environmentalists, and academic, architectural and medical professionals. We are now seeking wider input from a larger group of interested stakeholders representing diverse interests before the certification criteria are finalized. Please review this draft document and send any comments, questions or other feedback no later than 15 February 2014 via email at paint.certification@gmail.com.

All comments will be reviewed and appropriately considered before the certification standard for paints without added paints is finalized.

Note: The draft Paint Screening to Eliminate Added Lead (Paint SEAL) Standard has been produced with the assistance of the European Union under the Asian Lead Paint Elimination project. However, the contents of the draft are the sole responsibility of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

File Link: Paint SEAL Standard.pdf 


Unknown said...

This is a good start but it is not clear what actual steps that paint manufacturer should follow, contact info for instruction (for submitting samples and testing, then applying for the certification itself).

mightyaurell said...

For safety of our construction workers..paint should be odor free.

Unknown said...

A variety of approaches are used to remove lead-based paints, such as wire brushing or wet hand scraping with liquid paint removers.

Maine Lead Paint Inspection

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