06 January 2014

EcoWaste Coalition Holds Parade to Drum Up Support for Garbage-Free Fiesta, Cites Littering as an Act of Arrogance

Three days before the massive procession of devotees of the  Black Nazarene, a waste and pollution watchdog organized an environmental parade themed “Huwag Tayong Mayabang” within the vicinity of the Quiapo Church.

The theme “Huwag Tayong Mayabang” was inspired by Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle who frankly told this reminder to the devotees through one homily: “ Hindi mo basurahan ang buong siyudad ng Manila.  Magpakumbaba, huwag tayong mayabang” (“The entire city of Manila is not your garbage bin.  Be humble, let us not be arrogant”).

“We request the faithful to heed the call for humility to ensure that the route of procession and Quiapo district itself will not again be shrouded in garbage,” said Tin Vergara, Zero Waste Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.   

Citing data from the Metro Manila Development Authority, the EcoWaste Coalition lamented that the 18-hour procession from Rizal Park to Quiapo Church on January 9, 2013, which drew a mammoth crowd of around nine million people, generated 32 truckload of trash or some 192 tons of assorted discards.

Fearing a repeat of the massive trashing that tarnished the astounding display of Filipino faith and devotion, the group urged the various associations of Hijos del Nazareno and individual devotees to close ranks against littering and other habits that befoul the environment.
“Let us do away with our arrogance and apathy, shun littering and turn this year’s procession as a fitting celebration of our faith and our unity to care for our environment,” she said.

The group assembled in front of the Church holding a big “Huwag Tayong Mayabang” banner to remind devotees who will perform their spiritual vows to exercise humility and not defile the processional trail with garbage like what happened in previous occasions.

To hammer home their message, the group presented its “Garbage League” comprised of arrogant “basura” monsters, namely: “Buttman” (the cigarette butt thrower), “Flashtic” (the plastic addict), “Greedy” (the voracious eater)   and “Supermess” (the garbage ogre).

To discourage the public from following their arrogant acts, the “basura” monsters held placards with direct to the point messages:

1.  For “Buttman”:  Huwag Kang Pasaway: Upos ng yosi huwag ihagis sa tabi-tabi.”
2.  For “Flashtic”:  “Huwag  Kang Plastik: Reusable bag bitbitin, gamitin.”
3.  For “Greedy”:  “Huwag Kang Masiba: Hinay-hinay lang sa pagkonsumo.”
4.  For “Supermess”:  “Huwag Kang Makalat: Mga panapon sinupin, i-recycle.”

From Plaza Miranda, the group marched through Villalobos, Carlos Palanca, Estero Cegado, Carriedo,  Evangelista and G. Puyat Sts. and then to Quezon Blvd.

While the “basura” monsters played to the crowd, EcoWaste volunteers chanted “Walang Aksaya, Walang Basura” in unison.

The parade culminated with an instantaneous cleanup of Plaza Miranda.

Reference for “Hindi mo basurahan ang buong siyudad ng Manila.  Magpakumbaba, huwag tayong mayabang” (go to paragraph 16):


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