“Running Priest,” Environmental Advocates Run for a “Trash-less” Traslacion ("BasuRUN" for a trash-less Black Nazarene feast held)

Run for a Trash-less Traslacion:  Running priest Father Robert Reyes led green advocates from the EcoWaste Coalition and other groups in the "BasuRUN" urging Black Nazarene devotees to prevent littering and unite for a green and garbage-free commemoration of the Traslacion.  The faith-inspired Traslacion should exemplify environmental concern and responsibility in words and in actions, the eco-runners said.

Running priest Father Robert Reyes has added his voice to the appeal made by church and environmental leaders for a litter-free commemoration of the “Traslacion” tomorrow, January 9.

Together with fellow environmental advocates from the EcoWaste Coalition, Reyes used his feet to urge the faithful to elevate their devotion to the Black Nazarene by taking care of each other and Mother Earth.

The runners held a maroon and yellow banner that says: “BasuRUN: Unite for a Trash-less Traslacion.”

They also wore maroon and green ribbons to manifest the need to combine the age-old devotion of Catholic Filipinos to the Black Nazarene (represented by the maroon color) with the extremely urgent need to protect our Mother Earth against disposable, throw-away culture and other destructive and polluting human activities (represented by the green color).  

During the run they chanted: Viva Senor Jesus Nazareno! Pasasalamat, hindi kalat! Paglilingkod, hindi panonood!

“I run today to encourage the devotees to embrace a Green Holiness that is characterized by humility, simplicity and a profound understanding of our shared responsibility to care for and protect God’s creation,” said Reyes.

“There is another cross which has become increasingly heavy in the present times: the Cross of Consumerist Waste.  Christ the Black Nazarene, together with Mother Earth, carries this cross,” he added.

“I therefore appeal to the devotees to renounce the throw-away culture that is bringing shame on our people’s age-old devotion to the Black Nazarene.  If there would be less garbage in this year’s ‘Traslacion,’ the devotion then would have attained a deeper and higher meaning that liberates and transforms,” he said.

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle had earlier asked the faithful to pray for a safe, peaceful and clean observance of the “Traslacion.”  “Sana po maging maka-kalikasan ang ating pagdiriwang, makatao, makabuhay, maka-Diyos at makabayan,” the prelate said over Radyo Veritas.

For his part Daniel Alejandre, Zero Waste Campaigner of the EcoWaste Coalition, stated that “a trash-less Traslacion will be a most pleasing way to thank the Black Nazarene for answered prayers and blessings,” stressing that “the Traslacion and all our faith-inspired activities must exemplify environmental care and stewardship in words and in deeds.”

For a trash-less Traslacion, the EcoWaste Coalition exhorted the public, particularly the devotees, to observe the following steps:
1.  Say no to littering.
2.  Refrain from smoking or vaping as an act of penance.
3.  Return used beverage and food containers and food wastes, including bamboo skewers, to donors or vendors for proper disposal.
4.  Desist from spitting and urinating in public.
5.  Bring a reusable bag for “pasalubong” to avoid use of paper or plastic bags.

Reyes and the participating groups expressed earnest hope that their appeal for a trash-less Traslacion will not fall on deaf ears.

Among the groups that took part in the "BasuRUN" were the  Knights of Columbus 7421, Missionary Servants of the Word, Samahan ng mga Nananambakan sa Dumpsite Area, and the San Roque de Manila Parish.