E-Waste Management at Work: A Closer Look at the Brgy. Dampalit TSD Facility

According to 2019 data, the Philippines is currently one of Southeast Asia’s top generators of e-waste, generating 3.9 kg of e-waste per capita. Additionally, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) also reported that the country generated 32,664.41 metric tons of WEEE in the same year. 

Unfortunately, despite the drastic rise of e-waste in the country, the number of treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facilities are still significantly lacking. In fact, there are only 174 TSD Facilities in the country, which means not all Local Government Unit has an existing one.
The latest TSD Facility for e-wastes in the Philippines was established in Barangay Dampalit, Malabon last March 2, 2022. The Facility is a product of the Safe PCB and E-Waste Management Project, which aims to protect the communities, especially waste pickers and traders from the hazards of improper e-waste handling.
At present, the Barangay has six active mangangalakal groups and two junk shops. The newly established TSD Facility will provide training on informal e-waste processing and its associated health and environmental risks. Additionally, the Facility will provide opportunities for informal e-waste workers to be part of the formal sector, where they can have access to a safe working environment and operations that can supply them with a sustainable livelihood.

Since its inauguration last March, multiple activities and programs have already been organized and launched. The first and most important program held was the training and preparation of TSD personnel on safety protocols and facility operations. Barangay Dampalit’s TSD Facility’s personnel is currently composed of PCO/Admin, four (4) operators, and a driver.

As part of the preparatory steps in the operation of the facility, there was an initial collection of 92 used television sets from Brgy. Capulong and consequently 92 used television sets from Brgy. Longos. After the process of pilot testing and training, the actual operations of Brgy. Dampalit’s TSD facility finally commenced last June 24, 2022. | PAT NICDAO